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Binance Guide

Things you should know before start using the bot on Binance

  • You should enable fees in BNB from your Binance account.
  • You should buy some BNB to cover the fees.
  • You should manage your BNB amounts and manually buy more when needed.
  • You can safely convert the remaining dust to BNB.

Binance Strategies

Currently you can choose between 2 triangular arbitrage strategies. For now the strategies can be switched only on start with command line argument -s, the default strategy is #2. For more info about the command line arguments check here.

Strategy #1

This is our standard strategy. It will execute order on pair #1 even if you have usable funds in the bank.

Strategy #2

This is new strategy currently available only for Binance. It will skip order on pair #1 if you have usable funds in the bank which will lead to shorter execution time and less risk of unfilled orders.

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