Trace: starting_the_bot

Starting The Bot

We assume that you have already installed .NET Core 3.1 runtime.

  1. Go to and download the bot using the same email as you used when placing your order.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Go to the bot's folder.
  4. Go to folder Credentials.
  5. Paste the email used for your order in the file named email.txt.
  6. [Poloniex]
  7. Set your API key in api-Poloniex.txt
  8. Set your secret in secret-Poloniex.txt
  9. [OKEx]
  10. Set your API key in api-Okex.txt
  11. Set your secret in secret-Okex.txt
  12. Set your passphrase in passphrase-Okex.txt
  13. [Yobit]
  14. Set your API key in api-Yobit.txt
  15. Set your secret in secret-Yobit.txt
  16. [Binance]
  17. Set your API key in api-Binance.txt
  18. Set your secret in secret-Binance.txt
  19. [KuCoin]
  20. Set your API key in api-KuCoin.txt
  21. Set your secret in secret-KuCoin.txt
  22. Set your passphrase in passphrase-KuCoin.txt
  23. Optionally: Set your credentials in folder InterExchange if you plan to run inter-exchange scanners
  24. Go back to bot's root folder and click on the file named Arbi.exe if you are using Windows .For Linux and macOS execute the command below:
    dotnet Arbi.dll
  25. Go to and register your first admin account.
  26. Login with the account that you registered in the previous step.
  27. After logging in you will be redirected to the dashboard. Create your first scanner and run it.