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-===== Command line arguments =====+====== Command line arguments ======
-==== View all available command line arguments ====+===== View all available command line arguments =====
 Command: Command:
 <code>Arbi.exe -h</code> <code>Arbi.exe -h</code>
 <code> <code>
--y, --yobit-rate       (Default10) Yobit API rate limit per second +Options
- +  -p|--port <PORT>              Choose port 
--p--poloniex-rate    (Default: 6) Poloniex API rate limit per second +  -c|--custom-url <CUSTOM_URL>  Provide custom url for the notification linksUse this option if you are running the 
- +                                bot behind a NAT with port forwarding
--s, --strategy         (Default: 2) [Binance Only] 1 => Regular strategy +  -?|-h|--help                  Show help information
-                         => Skip first order if bank is available +
- +
--d, --yobit-domain     (Default: 2) Select which Yobit domain will be used1 +
-                         => | 2 => +
- +
--h--help             Help text +
 </code> </code>
-==== Set Yobit API rate limit====+===== Set Yobit API rate limit=====
 Command: Command:
 <code>Arbi.exe -y 10</code> <code>Arbi.exe -y 10</code>
-==== Set Poloniex API rate limit====+===== Set Poloniex API rate limit=====
 Command: Command:
 <code>Arbi.exe -p 6</code> <code>Arbi.exe -p 6</code>
-==== Choose Binance triangular arbitrage strategy====+===== Choose Binance triangular arbitrage strategy=====
 Command: Command:
 <code>Arbi.exe -s 2</code> <code>Arbi.exe -s 2</code>
-==== Choose which Yobit domain to be used====+==== Choose which Yobit domain to be used=====
 Command: Command: