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 +====== Enable/​Disable Markets: ======
 +==== Exclude Market: ====
 +You can enable/​disable USD, ETH, DOGE, WAVES and BTC markets.
 +For example when you disable USDT market, all arbitrage opportunities that triangulate through USDT will be disabled.
 +Same applies ETH, DOGE, WAVES and BTC market.
 +==== Exclude Pair: ====
 +Field Name: Excluded Pairs\\
 +Use it if you want to exclude arbitrage events some specific pairs.\\
 +To correctly exclude triangulation combo you need to provide the name of pair #2 (middlep pair).\\
 +For example if you want to exclude arbitrage events for:\\
 +**ETH_BTC => LSK_ETH => LSK_BTC**\\
 +You need to enter "​LSK_ETH"​ (without the quotes).\\
 +To exclude multiple pairs separate them with comma.\\
 +"​LSK_ETH,​TRX_ETH"​ (without the quotes)\\
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